Cottage Grove Civic Association
Our History was created by volunteers living in an urban Houston Texas neighborhood called Cottage Grove. The site intends to offer easy access to accurate information regarding the quality of life in our neighborhood.

The historical map of Cottage Grove shows the neighborhood and the railroad before the freeway was constructed. David Hornburg provided the map. He has an avocation for area history and some of his findings are described in the Eureka Memorial Groves Trail narrative and at Shady Acres.


Current and Past Significant Issues for Cottage Grove

InTown Homes City of Houston 380-Agreement (Current-2008)

  • 380-Amendment and preceding Cottage Grove letter to council (2010)
  • InTown Homes 380 ordinance passed by Houston City Council (2010)
  • InTown Homes 380 agreement (2010)
  • History of InTown Homes in Cottage Grove (to come)

TXDOT plans for the M-K-T Proposed White Oak Bayou Connector (Current-2008)

  • Cottage Grove presentation of TEP grant application for Memorial Trail and Trestle - appndx (2009)
  • TXDOT notice to let STIP UPRR Underpass Detention Channel (Jan 2010)
  • TXDOT schematic of plan for the M-K-T Eureka Yard Detention channel (2008)
  • Cottage Grove Eureka Bike Trail developments (2008)
  • White Oak Bayou Eureka Trail map (2006) and WOBA newsletters (2005)
Keep Stevenson Elementary Open (2008)
  • Cottage Grove efforts to save Stevenson Elementary (2008)
  • Stevenson Elementary School flyer (2008)
City of Houston Impact Demonstration Study of Cottage Grove (2006)
  • Development Impact Demonstration Project Overview (2006)
  • Development Impact Demonstration Project Matrix (2006)
  • Development Impact Demonstration Project Study Maps (2006)

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